Friday, November 08, 2013

E Friday - school vs home

There is a difference between going to school and staying home. Going to school involves intense concentration on selection of the correct outfit for the day.

While staying home involves lounging around in your pajamas, playing with the cat and reading fun books.


.•♫•. Nancy .•♫•. said...

❀ ✿ Bonjour Joe ! MERCI pour les photos de votre jolie petite fille.

ça fait du bien de rester à la maison et de se relaxer. Il faut savoir se reposer pour après reprendre le travail scolaire.

Je t'envoie plein de bises d'Asie ✿ ❀

Daly said...

Precious!! Both E and the cat.

SOL's view said...

They look so cute together! :)

Rob said...

Sounds about right. Though we don't have a cat.

Lovely pictures. E is beginning to shoot upwards now.

Nathalie, Avignon said...

I wonder what this little princess likes best :)


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